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Random In Its Most Logical Form

For some reason, my brain is mush today. Actually, I think it’s been mush all week. So consequently prepare yourself for a stellar post. Seriously, hunker down because instead of opting for something logical and coherent, I am going with several random thoughts that have been swarming around in my little noggin for days… all in the attempt to clear some space out of the vast chasm of craziness in order to make room for only thoughtful and intriguing ponderings going forward. I know, that’s a lot to expect, but I am nothing if not overzealous. So, here we go…


Last week Design Mom posted these Knitted Bean Bags from Zilalila, and ever since, I can’t stop thinking about them… even though they are only found in Amsterdam and cost more than my couch.




Have you seen this Milk Art that you can do with your kids with ingredients even I have in my kitchen? Which honestly is saying more than it should. Regardless, Lyla and I are doing this for sure. Thanks Evie S.




Do you like documentaries? I do. So, I want to watch the show Spurlock, the guy from Super Size Me and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. It airs on Current TV (channel 358 on Directv) on August 2nd.




Another crafty thing (found on Momtastic) that I really want to try with Lyla is spin art using that salad spinner that you never use. Come on, you don’t use it, do you? Next you’re going to tell me that you actually eat salad!






I’m also pretty much enamored with these sweet dolls from Goodbye Blue Monday on Etsy. Lyla’s favorite is Coco. And yes, that means I’ve taught her how to do some online shopping. And yes, I am a role model of a mom. My workshop registration will open next week.





As I type all of this up, I realize that there are many, many more things still rattling around up in the soft corners of my brain, so clarity and introspective decision making might still be slightly out of grasp for me. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. One thing that might help is if you tell me some of the randomness brewing in your head. You’d do that for me, wouldn’t you? Prove it.

July 28th, 2011

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  1. Jina, thanks for the link to the milk art post! AND I love that knitted bean bag. :)

    evie s.

    28 Jul 11 at 4:17 pm

  2. I love the cute little doll!!


    29 Jul 11 at 7:59 am

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